Lake Agnes Review


  • Gorgeous views that cannot be beat!

  • Uncrowded during the winter months

  • The trail leading up to Lake Agnes is the perfect beginner snow shoe location

  • Animal footprints literally cover the snow which makes it a great place for little explorers to learn about what types of critters they belong to


  • The road leading up to the trail along with the road down to the parking lot are closed during the winter which makes the otherwise 2.1 mile loop an 11-mile trail

  • Weather can creep up on very quickly so pack and be prepared

  • The wind is pretty intense near the top

  • If you are taking on this trail with kiddos, consider dragging a little sled along with you so at least your descent will become much easier


  • My mom came on this trail with us so we all got to try our first attempt at snowshoeing together!

  • There was a large herd of long-horn sheep on the road during the drive up. These have somehow eluded us since our move to Colorado so we were ecstatic to finally see them!

  • Matt dragged Desi all the way up the mountain which meant that Desi dragged him down the mountain in his little sled! You could hear cackling for miles!

  • Somehow, in the middle of nowhere, we ran into a good buddy of ours, Dylan, who was trying snowshoeing for the first time too



Horsetooth Rock Trail Colorado


  • The view from the top is gorgeous! Definitely one of the prettiest views you’ll see from the foothills.

  • It is a rugged and natural trail but is still easy to navigate and enjoy.

  • You can see all of Fort Collins from the peak on one side and the Rockies from the other.

  • Definitely an achievable trail even during the winter.


  • The scramble up to the top of the rock gets pretty crowded since there are only a couple paths to climb and a lot of foot traffic.

  • Many dogs climbed up to the top of the rock but were terrified to climb back down so this slowed foot traffic and made it difficult for dog owners.

  • Snow and ice made the trail difficult in the winter without traction gear. Many people without it slipped and fell near the summit.


  • Desi was super brave but Matt was encouraged that his son is a little queasy around heights like he is so he found Desi to be the perfect climbing buddy.

  • The icy passages near the summit were challenging for just about everyone so there was a lot of camaraderie where people helped one another traverse the icy sections. One group of college guys lined a particularly steep and icy section ready to catch any hikers who slipped toward the edge. They were just awesome!

  • Desi ran the whole way down the mountain like a pro!

  • There was a great place to set-up and eat lunch with a beautiful view of the valley just before the reaching Horsetooth Rock.



Bobcat Ridge Review

January 12, 2019


  • Easy to access and not far from town, but you feel like you’re miles and miles away from civilization—this was our favorite part of Bobcat Ridge.

  • The mountain bike and horse trails were created to walk alongside the hiking trail so you don’t have to constantly worry about being run over or stepping in something that will make you regret hiking in the first place.

  • Stunning views all over which span from areas of pine, valleys, rabbit brush, and a gorgeous summit overlooking the valley from one of the ridgebacks.

  • There is a bathroom halfway down the trail which was welcome considering there are few places to take care of business without being in the open.

  • There if a little bench at the summit where you can sit, rest, and eat a quick snack while overlooking the entire valley.


  • A great thing about Bobcat Ridge is that it is a wildcat sanctuary. Because of this, they do not allow dogs in the natural area or on this trail. This fact can make you wary while hiking with a little one. We often carried him or asked him to hold our hands for this reason.


  • Since we had to squeeze this hike in during naptime, we carried Desi in our carrier which is always sweet, especially considering the terrain wasn’t particularly difficult. This gave Matt and I a chance to talk and walk at an adult pace.

  • We brought Justin’s Maple Almond Butter for the first time and it did not disappoint!

  • We dropped a pair of gloves along the way and a very nice man ran them back down the trail for us. Very friendly hikers on this trail!




January 5, 2019


  • Excellent hike for the winter months because it is close to town with relatively low elevation so snow will not impact your plans.

  • If you enjoy trail running, look no further! Easy out and back.

  • Generally a wide path.

  • The summit provides a gorgeous view of a wide valley leading up to the foothills of the Rockies.

  • Would be a great location to learn to mountain bike.

  • One scenic overlook before reaching the summit which is a great spot to eat a snack and take a break.

  • Connects to Rim Rock trail if you’d like to extend the hike further.


  • Blind bends that made it difficult due to the number of bikes on the trail.

  • A great biking destination, you’ll want to keep your little one within reach to yank them off the trail quickly if a bike sneaks up on you.

  • The area to explore the summit is very small which makes it difficult to fully enjoy the view.

  • Only one bathroom located near the half-way point and no trees or shrubs to hide behind if nature calls—which it likely will if you’re traveling at toddler pace.

Trip Highlights:

  • We discovered Desi has an imaginary friend named Ana (???) and he scolded any hiker that accidentally walked into her or stepped on her which was super fun

  • The prairie dogs really are hilarious—they’ll talk to you and run right across the trail as you walk.

  • Did you know a toddler can fall asleep while sitting on your shoulders? Yeah, that was news to us too!