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What do three unqualified flatlanders look like hiking in the Rocky Mountains?

Well let me tell you—it’s almost too amusing not to share.

Moving from sea level to the land of fourteeners has been nothing short of an adventure. After waiting two years to adopt our son and waiting another year for the circumstances to align to move us to Fort Collins, Colorado, we’ve decided we are exhausted from waiting and ready to try something new and fun together.

Enter the 52-Hike Challenge!

This year, we are challenging ourselves to complete 52 separate hikes together as a family. We love this little family of ours but the past three years have forced us to invest in just about everything except ourselves. And it’s time to make a change.

So why are we completing 52 hikes to help unite our family? And why do we want to share these experiences with you? Three reasons really:

1) Off-Grid means no distractions

We know having a strong and healthy family can be a life-changing force in our lives and in our communities. Few things are more rewarding, challenging, and refining than family (parents, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!)

That said, it is stinking hard to ignore all the distractions pulling for our attention and invest wholeheartedly into our families. Work, school, friends, even church sometimes can make us feel more obligated to pour into others than to maintain a strong family unit.

Thank you, God, that there are still places in this world where cell phone reception doesn’t exist! No reception—no distractions. Simple as that!

2) family needs to come off the BACK BURNER

We usually give our best to friends and even strangers, but our families have to settle for the leftovers. Families are constantly under attack from busyness, exhaustion, and burnout. It became obvious over the course of 2017 that it was time for us to check our priorities.

We hope that by sharing our journey, you’ll feel permission to invest in your own family this year! What dreams to you have for your family when you enter into 2020? Come on, I know you have them!

Friend, you have permission to take that sweet family of yours off of the back burner and place it on the forefront of your goals for 2019. And you can follow our chaotic process to keep you encouraged and motivated!

3) Easy Source of Entertainment

Y’all, we don’t know what the heck we are doing!

This site is not one of those hiking blogs that are out to preach the most technical strategies for hiking or pioneering. In fact, it’s just the opposite!

We are just a family who is out to invest more time and attention in one another. And if that means we are using sub par gear and looking like lunatics toting a forty-pound child up the side of mountain in the rain then so be it! At least we’ll have new memories!

Our goal is not to preach at you the way you should raise and grow your family. We believe God placed each family on this earth for a purpose, and sometimes it feels like our purpose is to make others laugh, and with 52 opportunities ahead of us, there are bound to be a few stories that will make you smile!

We promise to be transparent and honest with you in this journey so you can feel encouraged, welcome, and often amused. We’re excited you are joining us on this journey!